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An accomplished Set Decorator for national and international commercial and print campaigns, Marie Larquet is currently based in Mexico City. Born and raised in France, having spent more than a decade in London, Marie is fluent in French, English and Spanish. In addition, her breadth of experience brings a high degree of cultural intelligence to each project.

Experienced in maintaining budgets, analysis of project requirements and sourcing materials, décor and props contributing to the success of each job.

Oversight and accountability for projected cost and timeline specifications allow for on-schedule and on-budget project completion. Marie seamlessly blends her talent for styling and design with the agency/client vision toward the implementation of a favorable result.

Marie’s cultural background, global exposure and continued influences provide a canvas for her to tap into an array of textures, art forms and palettes, allowing her to amplify visual storytelling resulting in an enduring impact.

Past and current work includes close collaboration with Directors, Photographers, and Producers creating characters and designing locations.

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